Congressman Charlie Dent held a town hall meeting Wednesday night at the Jewish Community Center in Allentown.

Approximately 125 people attended the event which lasted an hour longer than scheduled.

Many had questions on a variety of topics from Egypt to immigration reform, but most had suggestions on what Dent should do when it comes to the health care law.

One man suggested to defund the program entirely while another asked why the Republican party leadership isn't working with the Democrats to improve the law's flaws.

It's a topic Dent says he was expecting to address given the feedback he's been getting from many constituents.

"People have been very outspoken with me about the impacts of this health care law and truthfully many are concerned about the disruptions. They're concerned about benefits being canceled, they're concerned about hours being reduced. that seems to be the biggest concern that I hear from everybody" said Dent (R-PA).

The issue of immigration was also brought up and some had criticism of the GOP's focus including that of Dent's on border security, while others urged him to continue demanding for it.

In the end, Dent says it's meetings like Wednesday night's that help remind him who he's representing when he's in Washington.

"It's my job to listen to their views, make sense of it all, recognize that not all the people in this room agree on these issues and try to find some consensus to move legislation forward" said Dent.

The scheduling of the town hall meetings is based on the congressman's schedule and availability.

For updates, you can visit his facebook page or website.