Health care workers protest outside U.S. Rep. Dent's office

Posted: 6:11 PM EDT Oct 28, 2013   Updated: 7:13 PM EDT Oct 28, 2013

Health care professionals stormed a Congressman's Lehigh County office Monday.

The crowd's demands for US Representative Charlie Dent stop trying to de-fund the Affordable Care Act.

Protestors rallied outside Dent's office on Hamilton Boulevard to protest his efforts to repeal the Medical Device Tax and de-fund the new health care act.

"With the rising costs of hospital care, medication and everything health care related, the best way to keep those costs down is to keep people healthy," said Dina Nelson of Allentown.

Dent tells us the new health care act should be repealed or delayed by at least a year to allow the government time to fix the website.

He also says he won't stop trying to repeal the Medical Device Tax because, he say, it will cost 40,000 Americans their jobs.