Heat's on for competitors in Phila. Tough Mudder contest

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT May 30, 2013   Updated: 11:50 PM EDT May 31, 2013

They're calling it the Philadelphia Tough Mudder, but it's really happening right here in the Lehigh Valley.  This weekend the hills of Lehigh County will play host to one of the toughest races out there.

 Saturday and Sunday about 22, 000 strong will descend on 400 acres in Heidelberg Township.  The Tough Mudder will test their strength, stamina and mental grit.  About 22% of runners won't complete the event.

 "Tomorrow we expect 15,000 runners and on Sunday we expect 7,000 runners," explained David Jaindl.  "And probably 8,000 spectators over the two days."

 Jaindl owns the property the course was erected on.

 "The construction guys started setting up about 6 weeks ago," he said.

 It took that long to build the course specially designed for this location.  Runners will scale walls, jump into pits of water, even run through wires that carry 10,000 volts of electricity.

 "They need to be prepared," shared Jaindl.

 Not only for the 10.5 mile obstacle course designed by Brittish Special Forces, but for this weekends weather.  Saturday it's expected to be hot and humid with a high temp of 90.  Sunday will be a bit cooler but still humid.  A heat advisory was posted on the mudder website.

 "There's not much cover on the course," added Jaindl.  "There's probably about a half mile that's in shade, so most of the course is in direct sun."

 Participants have the option of transfering from Saurday to Sunday, there will be six water stations along the course, and racers as well as spectators are encouraged to wear sun screen, hats and a t-shirt rather then run shirtless.

 "Every 20 minutes starting at 7:30 tomorrow morning individuals 500-600 will let lose and run," shared Jaindl.

 All of the participants will be bussed out here Satuday and Sunday, so Jaindl doesn't expect much congestion on the local roadways.