LANTA is calling for upgrades to keep its passengers safe when they're hopping on or off the bus.

The transit authority has released a new report that calls for more pedestrian crossings and sidewalks around bus stops.

The report uses Hamilton Boulevard, near Dorney Park, in South Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co., as an example.

Officials said LANTA riders who get on or off the bus in that area sometimes have to cross the street, which doesn't have a crosswalk.

"If there's no sidewalks and there's no way to walk to the bus stop or walk away from it, then it's either inconvenient or unsafe or just unattractive, and people aren't going to want to try to use transit to get around," said OWEN O'Neil, director of planning, LANTA.

Because LANTA does not have the authority to require the pedestrian upgrades, officials said they're trying to get more involved with local municipalities to pass along the suggestions.