Eagles fans are ready for the New Orleans Saints to come to town.

The Eagles take on the Saints in a playoff game Saturday night in Philadelphia.

"I think the Eagles can do it. I think Foles, McCoy, Jackson, I think they can pull it together," said Eagles fan Rich Dias of Salisbury Township.

One family in Salisbury Township showed their Eagles support as they shoveled their driveway Friday. Rich Fenstermaker and his three sons wore Eagles jackets and hats.

Fenstermaker said, "I've got my three boys working as a team. Hopefully the Eagles play as a team tomorrow, right?"

"It's a playoff game. We're nervous, we're excited, we think the Eagles can win but it's one and done so hopefully the Eagles can win and we can move on," added Fenstermaker.

His 16-year-old son, Bryce, said, "A little nervous but I think they'll be able to win."

69 News did find one Saints fan, but he's not even predicting a Saints win.

"I'm thinking 24-13 Eagles," said Tom Moralis of Allentown. "I've got to be a realist about it."

"It's going to be just too cold for them," he added.

Phil Snyder, an Eagles fan, was celebrating his 70th birthday Friday and hoping the Birds will give him a nice present.

"I want to see them go to the Super Bowl," he said. "I've just watched the Eagles that just got better and better as every week went along, the defense got better, McCoy's running like heck."

Another Eagles fan, Robert Orendach, said, "We're still hoping for some Super Bowl action around here."

"Saints are a good team but on the road, they don't play as well in the cold, but I think the Eagles at home, Eagles spirit, we can pull it out," he added. "All Foles has to do is do what he's been doing and we'll be great."