A Lehigh Valley woman is breathing a sigh of relief after finally hearing from family in the Philippines.

Mary Nomie, who lives in Orefield in South Whitehall Township, has many relatives in the Philippines, where she was born. The country was hit hard by a massive typhoon and she wasn't able to get in touch with anyone until Friday night.

"They don't have much so when they lose their home or their things in their home, they lose everything," she said.

When 69 News was speaking with her at her house, she heard from a relative through Facebook.

"I checked my Facebook and I got a like from my one cousin," she said. "This is the first contact I got from someone and I feel such relief at this moment,
feels good to know they're okay."

Not longer after, she received a message from another cousin.

"'Maryann we are doing ok here in Manila but we are not sure on our relatives back in Masbate, please tell your mom we are okay,'" she read off her cell phone.

"The only word I can describe it is relief. It's like weight lifted off my shoulders," said Nomie.

"This is going to take them a long time to recover from and that's what makes me sad," she added.

She said she would try to continue communicating with the relatives she heard from and reach out to family in the United States to let them know she heard from family in the Philippines.