He said Lower Macungie’s staff and engineer already reviewed the district’s plan,” had very few if any comments and liked our recommendations to solve this problem.”

The superintendent said East Penn will not seek bids on the project until it has approval from the township. He anticipates a bid will be awarded in April or May and the work will begin as soon as this school year ends. He said improvements will take only a week or two to complete. “This will be done by late June or early July at the latest.”

Lower Macungie plans to spend about $185,000 for off-site safety improvements around Willow Lane, including flashing school zone signs, crosswalks, handicapped ramps and stop signs.

“I will not recommend any walkers walk unless the township’s improvements are in place and operable before the beginning of school,” said Seidenberger.

He also noted he has not yet made a recommendation to the school board about whether Willow Lane students no longer will have bus transportation if they live .75 miles or 1.5 miles from the school. He indicated he will make that recommendation after Lower Macungie votes on its off-site improvements for the school.

After the school board approves the improvements, Seidenberger said Anthony Moyer, principal at Willow Lane, will explain the better traffic flow to parents and work with them.

Moyer plans to develop a committee of parents. “Dr. Moyer works beautifully with parents,” said Fuller, adding she is confident he will work with parents to meet their expectations regarding the safety of the children.