The judges may not have thought he had "The Voice," but a Bethlehem man said appearing on that national stage has done a lot for his music career.

Erick Macek appeared on the popular reality show and now he is getting ready for a performance at ArtsQuest.

He's originally from Bethlehem and says coming home is like taking a trip down memory lane.

He attended Liberty High School and grew up on the city's southside. He says it's good to see the city growing.

"The crazy part is coming home and seeing new stuff, these new complexes and everything being built. It feels good to tell you the truth," said Macek.

In 2005 the singer/songwriter left his job at Clipper Magazine and moved to California.

After playing gigs and living in California, Erick's roommates told him he should try out for the reality television show "The Voice."

After waiting in line with thousands of people Macek got his chance.

The way the show works is if you are going to continue on, a judge will turn around and add you on his or her team.

Unfortunately, no one turned around.

Macek says the national exposure has helped his career.

"None of the chairs turned but I still got a tremendous amount of support, especially from home and that is what really made me smile," said Macek.

Macek will be playing at ArtsQuest, on the creativity Commons stage on Sunday.

He only gets to come back home twice a year but no matter where he is he always has one answer when someone asks where he's from.

"They were like 'where do you want to represent, without hesitation I was like Bethlehem, Pennsylvania,' that's who I am and that's where I am from."