“Sacred Heart even allows us to park our city cars in the evening, securely in their parking deck, for free.”

Eichenwald began the meeting by reporting that local colleges do run enterprises that make profits, such as Muhlenberg College renting out its facilities during the summer.

“Several of the programs that universities do are for profit and they are competing with other for-profits.”

Another cash-generating idea was mentioned by O’Connell. He suggested colleges in the city should charge their students public safety fees, with the proceeds coming to the city.

“That’s steady income every year,” said O’Connell. “I think we should pursue that.
“If you’re paying $48,000-$49,000 to go to Muhlenberg, which is a very good school, what’s another hundred bucks?”

Glazier said if 2,500 city college students each paid a $50 fee, the city could hire 2.5 more police officers.

Eichenwald said city police and other emergency personnel routinely are called to Muhlenberg.