Labenberg said something also should be done about people playing in the park’s fountain on hot days. He has fewer problems with people putting their feet in the fountain. He said the fountain initially had colored lights to illuminate it at night, but the colored pieces got broken all the time and became too expensive to replace.

“That’s because people are in there dancing around in the fountain.”

Council President Lee Ann Gilbert said borough police do tell people to get out of the fountain.

Waddell said two signs advising that dogs are not allowed in the Triangle can’t be seen until people already are in the Triangle. “That’s not right.”

And Labenberg said just before the council meeting began, “two skateboarders were jumping up and grinding on the fountain.” He said enforcing rules against skateboards and bicycles in Triangle Park should be a greater priority than people walking their dogs in the park, because bikers and skateboarders cause more damage.

Other business

Also during the meeting:

* Council unanimously agreed to spend $19,500 to have emergency work done on at a home at 402 Broad St., which is privately-owned but vacant. The place is in such bad shape that the borough considers it a public safety hazard and the owners had been fined many times. The roof will be replaced, as will any rotting wood, and the porch will be rebuilt to retain the historical integrity of the house.

“We will be able to recover that money through the lien process,” said borough manager Shane Pepe. He said tearing down the house would cost $26,000. He confirmed that litigation could result in the borough owning the property.

* The third annual Emmaus Community Day will be noon to 8 p.m. Saturday in Emmaus Community Park. Council member Wesley Barrett said it will be the biggest Community Day yet, with 19 craft vendors, three food vendors and 38 participating organizations. He added “the new community park field” also will be dedicated during that event.

* After getting complaints about dog and geese feces at Furnace Dam Park from a resident who recently rented a picnic pavilion there, council will look into the possibility of no longer charging to rent the pavilion in that park or finding an affordable and effective way to get rid of the geese. Barrett said many people would want to rent that pavilion if they knew the park would be clean. Gilbert suggested not renting that pavilion any more this year, “until we figure out how to get it clean and keep it clean.”

* John Eyer, chairman of the board of the Emmaus Youth Association, was honored as the borough’s 2011 Volunteer of the Year. Council member Nathan Brown praised him for giving his time, effort and even his finances to the community. Eyer said he has been involved with the youth sports association for 32 years. He was presented with a brick that will be installed in his honor in the borough’s Remembrance Garden.

In June, council honored the 2010 and 2012 recipients of the volunteer award, but Eyer could not make that meeting. The award is supposed to be presented annually, but lapsed for a few years.