A complete stranger came to the rescue of a man who was badly burned in a fire at his home in Allentown on Tuesday.

The fire started around noon while the man was working on his car inside the home's garage at 22 Brookdale St., officials said.

Neighbors said a young girl saved the day, but they did not know who she was.  It turned out, she was in the right place at the right time.

"Just out reminding people to vote before 8 p.m.," said Milagros Cintron, who was canvassing the neighborhood on Tuesday.

Cintron was hoping to speak to voters one last time before they cast their ballots, but her mission quickly changed when she came across the fire.

"I saw fire coming from a garage. I put my stuff down and ran over," Cintron said. "When I appeared, there was a man under a car. I pulled him out.  He had flames from his feet to his waist."

Cintron used a garden hose to douse the flames on the man's body until help arrived.

"I grabbed the garden hose, put him out and asked him to go across the street.  I asked if someone else was in the house," Cintron said.

Firefighters said the man was tinkering with his car when the fire started.

"The fire started underneath the car… The car blew up, garage caught on fire," Cintron said.

Neighbors said the man who lives at the home often works on his car.

"Mainly on the weekends, he would do it, and he would come and ask my dad questions," said Diane Sanchez, a neighbor.

After the fire, Cintron returned to her canvassing duties. Firefighters said the man suffered burns to his legs, but he's expected to live.