The new McDonalds will be closer to 4th Street on the same property and will face that street, making it more prominent to potential customers driving by.

PlayPlace, an indoor playground for small children that is attached to the current restaurant, will be eliminated.

McDonalds on 4th St. Allentown; will be razed and rebuilt

The restaurant’s one-lane drive-thru will be replaced with a side-by-side drive-thru, two lanes where orders can be placed before cars merge into a single lane where drivers pick up and pay for food.

Spokesmen for the company said that will make the drive-thru safer and more efficient.

Parking at the restaurant will be reduced from 57 to 41 spaces. That is 10 more than the city requires, said Anthony Caponigro of Bohler Engineering in Center Valley, the project engineer.

Bill Zuccarello, area construction manager for McDonalds, told planners said decades ago, 80 percent of McDonalds’ customers ate inside the restaurants, “but now we’re about 65 percent drive-thru.”

He said McDonalds requires that both lanes of the double drive-thrus must always be open.