The Indy 500 had a big local flavor this weekend. Two of the drivers are from Nazareth in Northampton County, and one of them is still in high school.

For a town built on racing legends, life around Nazareth can seem like a caution lap. But make no mistake, this place -- home of the famous Andretti racing family -- has a need for speed.

"You know, it's the Andrettis," said Jesse Markovitz of nearby Pen Argyl.

Racing legend Mario Andretti's grandson Marco finished third Sunday, another disappointing near-miss for hometown fans.

"He does every year. He just never pulls it off," said Ron Muller of Plainfield Township. "There's always something that happens."

In Nazareth, the Andrettis may be stars, but it's actually a much younger face that's now stealing the spotlight. He's 19 year-old phenom Sage Karam, this year's youngest competitor.

"That would be crazy [if he won], especially at 19 years old," said Rich Mills of Bangor.

Still a senior at Nazareth Area High School, Karam missed his prom, so this week his pit crew held one for him at the track.

"He's a good kid," said Eric Guthrie, who grew up with Karam's father. "He wrestled for Nazareth; he was a good wrestler."

Karam's dad, Jody, said they're thrilled to continue the town's winning tradition.

"Nazareth has always been synonymous with racing for one reason or another, and Sage kind of just adds to the excitement at Nazareth," he said.

The pace may be a little slower in Nazareth, but after the checkered flag comes down, it's still home to racing royalty -- past and present.