Three people, including a woman and her 4-year-old son, died in a fire at a home in Easton early Monday.

The fire broke out around 1:30 a.m. at 724 Spring Garden St., according to officials, adding that the fire started in a second floor clothes dryer.

"I looked at flames coming up out of this window. Somebody broke my front window, hollering, 'Get out! Get out!" Bruce Reichard said.

A man and a child died at the scene, and a woman, who was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital's burn unit, later died of her injuries, officials said.

The victims were identified as Joy Lozier, 24, and her son Makai Peters, 4, and James Strickland.

"They are good people. They didn't deserve this," said Makai's babysitter, Dakota Corsino.

But in tragedy, heroism emerged.

"I noticed a lady on the third floor, with a child in her arms saying, 'Fire, fire! We got kids,'" said neighbor Jason Soto.

So Soto and his son sprang into action, racing to their third floor roof for a daring rescue.

"She passes me the kid. I hand to my son. He runs downstairs with the kid," Soto said.

Soto then took the distraught woman inside.

"I tried to help the other kid but too much smoke was coming out," Soto said.

In total, 14 people were displaced as the surrounding apartments suffered smoke and water damage.

Carlos Matos grabbed what he could for a displaced family member.

"I give him my place, too. It's family. I can't leave him behind," he said.

A family friend said the little boy who survived is the brother of 4-year-old Makai. For Soto, it's a small victory in a devastating loss.

"Did everything I could. At least I saved one," he said.

This was Easton's first fatal fire since 2001. Officials said the apartments did not have smoke detectors.

Fire officials said smoke detectors can be installed by the city's fire department. City residents can call 610-250-6672 and schedule an appointment.