Caleb C. is his rap name, and golf is his game.

The 5-year-old Allentown boy is gaining fans on the golf course and on the web. Caleb's "I love golf video" has garnered more than 19,000 views on YouTube.

"I love golf. It's the game for me. This is 'I love golf' by Caleb C," said Caleb in the opening line of his video.

He's the newest golfer to hit the Allentown circuit and the rap scene.

"His grandma got him, kids set for his fifth birthday," said Justin Corsa, Caleb's father. "We were out back hitting some balls and he just really took to golf and loved it right away."

After messing around on the putting green at the house, Corsa said the two started making up rap songs while practicing in the back yard.

"We just rhymed stuff we were thinking," said Caleb.

"It was a lot of fun for me because basically I got to hang out with my son and just have some fun," added Corsa.

It took six months to make the video. Caleb C. said there are two favorite parts.

When he is on the tee...

"We go to the driving range and hit some balls and sometimes we putt over there," said Caleb.

And when he is on the microphone...

The video even has people doing Caleb's golf dance.

"Initially, we developed the video just to have fun," said Corsa. "Just for something to do."

Now that Caleb has got in the groove on the course and in the rap game, Caleb said he is going to make another video.