69 News week in review

Posted: 1:19 PM EDT Sep 29, 2012   Updated: 6:37 PM EDT Sep 30, 2012
Week in Review

It's time to take a look back at the stories making headlines this week in the 69 News week in review.

On Monday,parents in the East Penn School District sounded off about the content of their kid's summer reading list.

Discussion of a possible book ban was tabled, but arguments were heard from both sides.

Some parents said passages listed in two books, Tom Wolfe's "Electric Kool-Aid-Acid Test" and Curtis Sittenfeld's "Prep" are too risque for students in 9th and 10th grade at Emmaus High School.

The board is holding off making a decision on the books until a formal review is completed.

East Penn discusses controversial books

On Wednesday a Carbon County couple was arrested after plotting to kill a grandmother for her assets.

Police said Jake Wertman and his girlfriend Amber Steigerwalt are facing several assault charges.

Police said the pair hid inside Marge Wertman's kitchen and that Steigerwalt stabbed her twice in the neck on Monday.

They say Jake then waited an hour before taking Marge to the hospital.

Police believe drugs may be involved.

Man, girlfriend try to kill grandmother in Carbon County

On Thursday the victim of a fast-moving fire spoke out to 69 News.

Maria Melendez was trapped inside her apartment building at 9th and Walnut Streets in Reading back in April.

Melendez said a day doesn't go by where she doesn't see flames.

She said her 20-year-old son happened to be at the right place at the right time and saved her.

Maria is going through treatment at Lehigh Valley Hospital and said she's trying to take recovery one day at a time.

Reading fire victim tells her story

On Friday, Officials in Lebanon County charged a former pastor with killing his wife.

It's a charge he's faced before, pertaining to his other wife, but he said both wives died accidentally.

Officials said Arthur Schirmer is now charged with killing his first wife of more than 30 years, Jewel Schirmer in 1999.

Police reopened the investigation of her death after Schirmer was charged with killing his second wife Betty in 2008 in the Poconos.

He was accused of staging a car accident to cover it up.

In 1999, Schirmer claimed he found his first wife, Jewel, lying at the bottom of the stairs in the couple's home in Lebanon Township.

Schirmer is scheduled to go on trial in January in Monroe County for Betty Jean's murder.

Former pastor charged in 1st wife's murder

And that's your 69 News week in review.