It's time to take a look back at the stories making headlines this week in the 69 News week in review.

On Monday, Reading Police said a woman was kidnapped, then left in a park naked.

It happened at Walnut and Reed streets, when police said three Hispanic males pulled up to a 30 year old woman and demanded she get into a car.

Detectives said that's when they drove the victim to the area near Egleman's park, told her to get out of the car, then left her there naked.

Police believe they were trying to get back at the victim who they believe owed them money.

One suspect, Omar Otero was arrested, and police are searching for two others.

Police: woman kidnapped, found naked in park

On Tuesday, the family of a 16-year-old boy who died while crossing a busy street in Montgomery County spoke out.

Tim Paciello's sister said he was crossing East High Street in Lower Pottsgrove Township after visiting his girlfriend.

Investigators said Paciello was hit by a pick-up truck while he was standing in the center left turn only lane.

Officials said the case is under investigation.

High school student dies after being hit by pick-up truck

On Wednesday, 70 cows were killed in a massive fire at a family barn in Centre Township.

The two-story barn was leveled by the heavy flames, which sent a thick column of smoke into the air.

Only six of the Good family's cows made it out alive, but one may have to be euthanized.

Fire officials said the fire was an accident that was sparked by a tractor parked in the barn.

70 cows die in raging fire that destroyed barn

Friday, Hostess, which makes iconic brands like Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread announced its shutting down.

Officials said a strike by unionized workers was the fatal blow to the company.

Hostess had a distribution center in Palmer Township, Northampton County where 28 people are now out of work.

Overall, 18,000 workers in the company lost their jobs.

Hostess said it's trying to find a buyer for about 30 brands including Wonder Bread and Twinkies.

Hostess shut down leaves locals out of work

And that's your 69 News week in review.