It's time to take a look back at the stories making headlines this week in the 69 News Week in Review.

* * *

Monday, an entire neighborhood is in mourning following the loss of a family to a fire in Schuylkill County.

The fire happened right before midnight on Mother's Day on Pierce Street in Pottsville.

Four young children, all siblings, along with their father and aunt, perished in a fire that ripped through their home almost instantaneously.

The only member of the family to survive is the mom, who was at a neighbor's doing laundry when the fire broke out.

* * *

Tuesday, a cold case in Berks County heats up.

Police make two arrests in connection with the murder of Hope Babel in her Shoemakersville home back in 2002.

A woman and her son from Tilden Township are charged for their alleged roles.

Police say the son committed the homicide and his mother lied to investigators.

* * *

Wednesday, a bank employee in Berks County is in hot water for allegedly selling personal information belonging to bank customers.

Detectives say an internal investigation ended in the arrest of a Shillington woman who used to work for Wachovia Bank, now Wells Fargo.

Police say Lisbhett Yomarya Díaz stole sensitive account information and sold it for 20 dollars per name.

Investigators say the criminals who purchased the stolen account information cashed fraudulent checks in excess of $74,000.

* * *

Thursday, lawmakers in New Jersey pitch a plan that would up the minimum age for buying a pack of cigarettes.

The proposal would increase the current minimum age of 19 to 21.

The proposal is garnering mixed reactions.

Supporters say the plan would help prevent young adults from becoming life-long smokers.

Opponents say the measure won't make any noticeable difference because underage smokers will continue to find ways to get hold of cigarettes.

* * *

Friday, a Lehigh County mom is arrested for allegedly feeding poisoned burritos to her family.

Court records say Ann Marie Haines fed the burritos laced with prescription medicine to her husband and daughter because Ann Marie was upset she was not asked to go shop for a new car.