It's time to take a look back at the stories making headlines this week in the 69 News Week In Review.

* * *

Monday, 99 teachers in Allentown get pink slips.

Mass teacher layoffs are proposed as the Allentown School District hits tough financial times.

Officials say the number of layoffs will not exceed 99. That number could go down before the final budget is approved.

* * *

Tuesday, a mixed martial arts move leads to a homicide charge one year later in Monroe County.

Police say the homicide happened last July in Tobyhanna Township when tempers flared between two friends during a night of drinking.

Investigators say 52-year-old Charles Derr used a martial arts move on Matthew Stilwell known as the rear naked choke hold.

Court papers show that Derr told police he held the move for so long... he could feel bones cracking in Stilwell's neck.

* * *

Wednesday, a Delaware County girl gets a new lease on life following an adult lung transplant.

Ten year-old Sarah Murnaghan's fight for new lungs captured the hearts of people around the country, and it has sparked a big debate over whether children in need of lung transplants should be eligible for adult organs.

Sarah had not been eligible to receive an adult lung transplant, until a judge intervened last week.

* * *

Thursday, Lincoln Technical School in Lehigh County is evacuated when several students suddenly fall ill.

Haz-Mat crews were called in, but no hazardous gases were detected.

Ten people were sent to local hospitals as a precaution. Officials say they have been unable to determine what caused the students to become sick.

* * *

Friday, a teenaged boy is behind bars, accused of trying to sexually assault four female classmates at Pocono Mountain West High School.

Police say a 17-year-old senior at the school was involved in inappropriate sexual behavior over a two year period.

In a letter to parents, Pocono Mountain school district administrators say they are fully cooperating with police.

Investigators say they are looking to see if there are additional victims.