It's time  to take a look back at the stories making headlines this week in the 69 News Week In Review.

* * *

Monday, frightening moments for a nation.. and a local family.

Thirteen people were killed and more than a dozen wounded when a gunman opened fire at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.

The shooting was especially tense for a Lehigh County couple whose son is stationed at a base right next to the shooting scene.

They were relieved when their 19-year-old son, Christopher Kunhs, called home to say he was safe.

* * *

Tuesday, a woman accused of killing her infant son in Allentown was arrested, 10 years later.

30 year-old Wendi Leanne Stanford faces charges of homicide and endangering the welfare of a child.

She was arrested in Alabama in connection with the 2003 death of her 2-and-a-half month old son.

Officials said the baby died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Stanford has been extradited to Allentown to face the charges.

* * *

On Wednesday, four Lehigh University football players were suspended from the team following a fight outside a Bethlehem bar.

Officials said one of the players, 19-year-old Russhon Phillips, was charged with assault.

Police said charges were pending for a second person.

* * *

Thursday, suspended Gilberton police chief Mark Gilberton came one step closer to getting the boot.

The Gilberton Council voted to suspend Kessler pending termination.

Kessler has drawn national attention for profanity-laced gun rights' videos posted on Youtube.

Accusations against Kessler include misuse of borough property, neglect of official duties and failure to turn over weapons to the borough.

* * *

On Friday, U.S. Marshals arrested a man in Reading in connection with a gang-related homicide in New York City.

31-year-old Edwin Colon was apprehended at his aunt's home.

Colon was being sought on a warrant for a May homicide that occurred in the Bronx.