Before that motion unanimously was passed, Dougherty promised to get that information to council before Oct. 31.

“By more than an hour or two?” asked Schweyer.Dougherty promised to get the numbers to council by Oct. 26.

Eichenwald said if council does not receive figures “to its satisfaction,” then no vote will be taken on the RFP resolution.

Resident Rich Fegely inspired Eichenwald’s motion when he said council should demand that the administration explain the costs at the next council meeting.

Eichenwald agreed, saying: “We need to know what this is costing the citizens of Allentown.”

Schweyer said the administration wants council to approve the RFP “for a multitude of reasons,” but council is not required to give that approval. Said Eichenwald: “The administration feels it is essential to their plan to have a vote taken by city council. That is our leverage to be given these numbers.”

After the meeting, Guridy said it will give the potential bidders “more comfort” to know council and the mayor are working on the lease plan together.

Eichwenwald criticized the resolution council will consider on Oct. 31, which was read Wednesday night. She said it is odd because it includes rationales and opinion.

Council was told the resolution was prepared by Atty. Marc Feller of Philadelphia, special counsel to the city. Said Eichenwald: “That must cost a lot of money, that little verbiage.” She said in her five years on council, she’s “never heard a resolution presented that had so much opinion attached to it.”

Guridy said council also will discuss the Pennsylvania Economy League report at the Oct. 31 meeting.

Council is paying up to $15,000 for that independent consultant’s report, which will review options and issues regarding the city’s impending pension crisis. Guridy has said the economy league will not only review PFM’s recommendation to lease. He also has promised those who oppose privatizing the city’s water system that council will not take any action on leasing the system until it considers that report.