Riddick, the last candidate to appear before council, is an Allentown native who has been a volunteer for more than 20 years and is active with Little League. She was last employed as a teller and certified notary at Wells Fargo Bank and its predecessors from 1999 to 2010.

Riddick said she is the best candidate for council because: “I care. I’m in the trenches every day. I’m in touch with the community. I know what the community wants and what the community needs. I have no problem with getting out there and knocking on doors and saying ‘what can we do to make the city better?’”

She told council: “I love the fact that I can hold my head up high and say I’m from Allentown.”

She said council should do a better job communicating with city residents, adding many people don’t even know what city council is.

Regarding the pension crisis, she said: “Unfortunately, taxes will have to be raised, there’s no way around it.”

She suggested the city should create a program where people can work, such as doing snow removal, if they can’t afford to pay a traffic ticket or some other minor fine.

This is the third time this year council is appointing a seventh member.

Both Stribula and Heffentrager applied for previous openings in January, when Cynthia Mota was appointed, and in April, when Joe Davis was appointed. Riddick applied in April. Ingram and Cope also applied in January and April. Bell applied in April.

Council member Jeannette Eichenwald could not attend the interviews this week, but council vice president Ray O’Connell said she will listen to recordings of all interviews so she can participate in selecting the new member next week.

Two other men, Devon Cade and Robert Stanley Saylor, withdrew as candidates before being interviewed.