Allentown man arrested in killing of Whitehall woman found in woods

Posted: 4:57 PM EDT Aug 02, 2012   Updated: 11:35 AM EDT Aug 03, 2012
Kimberly Cardona

Police have arrested an Allentown man in the killing of a woman whose body was found in the woods last month.

Kimberly Cardona's body was found in the evening hours of July 5 lying in a wooded area off Lanze Lane in Salisbury Twp., Lehigh Co.

Cardona, 20, of Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co., suffered multiple wounds to her entire body and died of injuries to her head and neck, the coroner said.

At the scene, investigators said there was a strong smell of bleach and her clothing had discolorations. There were also numerous broken tree branches and foliage where she was found.

A pair of glasses, which Cardona's family said were hers, were found broken on the side the road.

Jerry Cardona, Kimberly's older brother, said no one in the family knew or had heard of the suspect, Jonathan Nuñez, 20, until his arrest Thursday.

“I never met him once, never. This is the first time I heard this guy's name,” he said. “I am very very happy that the process started today. It's going to take awhile. The DA said it's going to take some time and we understand.”

Nuñez's preliminary hearing has been set for Thursday August 9. He's currently being held in the Lehigh County Prison without bail.