It is being recommended to council that allowing the public to speak on bills and resolutions being introduced will be done on a six-month trial basis to see how it works.

Guridy did not initially support that suggestion, because council may not yet have any information about a proposal only being introduced and assigned to a committee. He said the issue is discussed at a committee meeting, where the public is allowed to ask questions.

But he said O’Connell was very adamant about allowing the public to speak when legislation is introduced.

Other changes in the proposed resolution

The proposed resolution contains other changes to council rules that less directly involve the public but are aimed at improving meetings.

• Items that are to be acted upon by council will be moved higher on the meeting agenda.

• All appointments can be voted on at one time.

• The “consent agenda” – called a legacy item that doesn’t fit into current procedures – would be eliminated from future council meeting agendas.

• The City Charter rule that the administration can introduce legislation will be codified.