Resident David Rumpf complained about speeding on Fritch Drive. The father of two small children said safety of children is the number one priority. He’s requesting speed bumps to slow the traffic on that road, even offering to help raise money from his neighbors to make that happen. He acknowledged the township refused his initial request for speed bumps, because they interfere with snow plowing and emergency vehicles.

Township officials will ask state police to increase enforcement on Fritch Drive.
“We have this issue in every development in the township, including mine,” said Commissioner James Lancsek.

Reis said if speed bumps are put into every development, “it’s going to be like driving over a washboard every time you come through the township. That’s not something we can do.”

Rumpf’s complaint spurred a lengthy discussion about whether local police would do a better job nailing speeders than state police now do. The township is having a study done on whether it should create its own police department, with recommendations expected by June.

Commissioners approved extending the municipal waste contract with Waste Management for one year, with no increase in rates.

They also approved two zoning changes, both after hearing no comments from the public. One allows apartment units and fuel dispensing stations as conditional uses on lots that cover at least 25 acres in a commercial zone. The other contains new design standards for larger shopping centers, those with a total of more than 100,000 square feet of floor space.