The calm before the storm.

Hurricane Sandy is coming.

And worse than that - Sandy has friends.

She could combine with a storm system heading east across the country.

Right now if you don't have everything you need to wait out the storm you better get to the store soon.

Workers at Lowe's in Whitehall Township say the shopping rush started Thursday and by Friday night a lot of the shelves were empty.

"We had very few generators left, gas cans and storm readiness stuff at that point," said Christopher Carson, manager at Lowe's.

Batteries, sump pumps and tubing all flying off the shelves.

"I was in there and there was only like three pieces left," said Whitehall Township resident Donald Scherer. "So everybody must have been buying it today."

Staff members tell us the largest sellers are anything that emit light.

Flashlights and even Kerosene lanterns because you don't want your house to go dark.

Once you have enough items to keep the lights on.

You need stuff to survive like drinking water and food.

"Looks like it's going to be raining everyday and it's going to be tough getting out," said shopper Brett Long. "I'm not sure how bad the storm is going to be so may as well get the stuff now."

Water has been the big seller at Redner's in Allentown, on Lehigh Street.

Also, non-perishable items and anything to get shoppers through the storm.

Some say they're ready for the storm people are already calling epic.

"If I use it or whatever," said Scherer. "Next storm I could just put this back out again so it's all reasonable."

Others need to complete the shopping list before Hurricane Sandy visits the Lehigh Valley.

"We're going to do our best to stock up as best we can," said Carson. "I can tell you wherever the hardest hit areas are is where the majority of the product is going to go."