The Bangor School Board discussed a possible partnership with the Slate Belt Council to provide fresh vegetables to families in need throughout the surrounding area.

The Slate Belt Council is currently involved in a partnership with the Slater Family Network as well as several community members from the Bangor area. The project that the Bangor School District is considering is the Greenhouse Healthy Food Project, which provides growing vegetable seedlings to families in the Slater Family Network.

According to Slate Belt Council Representative, Victor Rodite, the Council applied for a Community Block Grant last year, but was only granted approximately one-third of the amount they asked for in the Grant. Due to this low funding, Rodite has approached individual community members in the Bangor area for help. According to Rodite, all of the funds that have been granted for this project “are to be used strictly for rehabilitation of [the greenhouse]” that will be used to grow the food.

The plan for this project is to secure various vegetable seeds, plant the seeds in the greenhouse, grow them to healthy seedlings, and then distribute them to families throughout the Slater Family Network to grow and consume.

Rodite mentioned that the Council and the Slater Family Network were exploring the option of a centralized community garden after a suggestion made by a Bangor School Board member. The Slate Belt Council will be having a forum meeting at the Slate Belt Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, April 24th to discuss community gardens.

After brief discussion between Board Members and Rodite, District Acting Superintendent Frank DeFelice said that the District would keep in touch with Rodite and the Council. The District has not agreed to a partnership with the Slate Belt Council and the Slater Family Network yet, but will consider a partnership in the future.