Be on the lookout for loons!

Several flocks got knocked off course on their way south

Published: Feb 12 2013 01:49:04 PM EST   Updated On: Feb 12 2013 05:46:21 PM EST
Red-throated loon

Officials say a flock of migrating birds has gotten blown off course and now they need your help!

The Pocono Wildlife Center says the red-throated loons were migrating to the Maryland/Virginia shore but along the way, some became stranded in Berks, Lehigh, Northampton and Carbon counties.

Officials say the birds' legs are designed for water only and they can't stand or walk on land.

Eight of the birds were rescued off Route 183 at the Blue Marsh Reservoir in Bernville, Berks Co.

They often fly at night and according to wildlife experts, in the dark, wet asphalt looks like water to the birds.

If you see any of the loons, call the Pocono Wildlife Center at 610-435-4729 to pick them up, or contact your local police department.