Council plans to select volunteers of the year for 2010, 2011 and 2012. Council member Nathan Brown said somehow council dropped the ball on recognizing people for the last few years “but we have a lot of great people here in the borough that need to be recognized.”

Labenberg, who voted no, said: “We cut a lot of important things out of our budget. I can think of better things to spend $225 on, even though we want to recognize our volunteers of the year. We can still recognize them, just don’t do the bricks.”

Holtzhafer and Gilbert also opposed spending money for three bricks, while Barrett, Brown and Jeff Shubzda supported it.

Volunteers of the year are listed on a plaque inside Emmaus Town Hall, which Iobst said is sufficient.

Council still plans to give borough residents an opportunity to purchase dozens of old fire alarm boxes that are on poles around town.  The Gamewell boxes are being taken out of service – no longer needed because most people carry cell phones.

Borough manager Shane Pepe said the boxes probably will be sold via bids. He said the borough could use local news media to make residents aware when the boxes are available. Both Pepe and Barrett said many residents are interested in buying the alarm boxes. Labenberg suggested donating one to the Emmaus Historical Society.

Alarm boxes that are inside seven buildings in town will remain in service.