Bethlehem School Board approves D'Huy Engineering for Nitschmann Project

Posted: 9:55 PM EST Feb 25, 2013

The Bethlehem School Board approved a contract with D’Huy Engineering, Inc. to begin moving forward on the Nitschmann Middle School construction project. In order to comply with the projected bid date of January 2015, the Board needed to approve this contract.

D’Huy Engineering, Inc. is already the District’s engineering firm so the Board had to approve a separate contract specific to the Nitschmann Project. With this approval, the Board authorized D’Huy Engineering, Inc. to proceed with design phase services and to perform Resident Project Engineer services for Nitschmann.

D’Huy Engineering, Inc. will be compensated with 3.5% of the total project costs. According to Bethlehem School District Superintendent Dr. Joseph Roy, this amount is only on the approximately $48 million of “actual construction project costs.” The overall cost of the project is an estimated $53.7 million, however the $48 million that D’Huy Engineering would receive a percentage of includes construction contracts, fixtures, equipment, and site costs.

According to Roy, while using D’Huy Engineering, no construction project has gone over the projected cost; there haven’t been any “shoddy construction,” lawsuits or problems.

The Board approved appointing D’Huy Engineering, Inc. as the Nitschmann Middle School Project Manager by a unanimous vote.