She also said about 15 percent of the entire business park will be landscaped or open space, exceeding that 10 percent requirement for specific lots.

Majestic has agreed to pay the city up to $50,000 for improvements at a sewage pump station along Applebutter Road, possibly including replacing three pumps, said Matt Dorner, the city’s chief engineer. That pumping station is being evaluated by the city and the developer. Heller said it is antiquated and operating at capacity.

Majestic also will pay a $93,700 recreation fee to the city, said Samuelson.

Also during Thursday’s meeting, a proposed zoning amendment that would protect historic structures not located in Bethlehem’s historic districts unanimously was approved by the planning commission.

The amendment, which will go to City Council for approval, proposes creating a list of “landmarks and historic resources.” If someone wants to demolish one of the structures, they would have go before Bethlehem’s historic commission and City Council, which would determine if it should be demolished.