Breast Cancer part four

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Oct 15, 2012   Updated: 6:21 AM EDT Oct 02, 2013

breast cancer. now what? it's a question 200- thousand women face every year. wfmz's jaccii farris is in our newsroom to continue her comprehensive look at the disease. >> when a woman gets a breast cancer diagnosis there is so much information coming at her that at first everything is a blur. here is an example of wh you you can expect after diagnosis. >> reporter: a breast cancer diagnosis sets in motion a range of feelings for a it can be anywhere anger denial why me, why is this happening to things.>> reporter:include intensive therapy and support for women battling the disease on treatment. depending on the lay all the way back.>> reporter: a team of medical complete course of >> chrissy: during chemo.>> reporter: radiation following months of chemo and a double mastectomy. range from a lumpectomy or a partial a single or double mastectomy.these treatments can nausea, fatigue. the severity depend on the type and length of >> she is healing very well. for many women, part of the treatment process >> randolph wojcik jr: i could show you you would not be able to >> reporter: reconstruction a year operations and tattooing to replicate the nipple we talked earlier with the emotions of diagnosis and treatment.therapy can also play a have reconstructive surgery. for the newly diagnosed woman to has gone through it results are and that is very reassuring to do. >> there are also support spouses and friends of those battling breast reconstruction... the federal government companies to cover it... like lehigh valley hospital have programs without insurance. >>> wendy davis: