Investigators now know the name of a homicide victim who was found shot and set on fire alongside a road several weeks ago.

The body of Joshua James Rubin, 30, of Brookly, N.Y., was found November 1 on Applewood Rd. in South Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co., but officials said he was killed somewhere else.

District Attorney Jim Martin said he's never seen anything like it in his 14 years as a prosecutor.

When discovered, Rubin's body was severely burned. He was also shot.

It took six weeks to identify Rubin's body.

"With the assistance of New York City Police Department, we've achieved an identification, together with the assistance of DNA testing," said Martin.

"We have no known connection to the Lehigh Valley," said Martin.  "He is originally, I believe from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, had been living in Brooklyn for some period of time."

In September, Rubin opened a cafe in Brooklyn called Whisk Bakery and Cafe.

Then, on October 31, he was reported missing by his sister, just one day or possibly hours before he was found in Pennsylvania, according to investigators.

"We believe, in our working theory, that he was dumped here," said Martin.

The condition of the body made it very tough on all the forces working on the case, said Martin, mainly because all they found were skeletal remains.

"In law enforcement, we talk about the golden 48 hours following the commission of a crime being committed as very significant and important and the fact that he was burned beyond recognition certainly hindered that 48 hour," said Martin.

Now that they have an identity, investigators have been questioning Rubin's family members, but they are still looking for any other help.

"Now we can attempt to reconstruct Mr. Rubin's movements of the days preceding his death and hopefully at some point solve his homicide," said Martin.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the South Whitehall Twp. Police Department.