Camera offers parents 24-7 view of newborns still in hospital

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Published: Feb 05 2013 04:58:34 PM EST   Updated On: Feb 06 2013 05:47:50 AM EST
Baby cam

When newborn babies require extended stays in the hospital, their parents can't always be with them.

State-of-the-art technology, however, now allows parents to see their baby 24-7.

Three-week-old Jeniya Colon, who weighs just two pounds, eight ounces, was born two months premature. She is spending the first few weeks of her life in Lehigh Valley Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit.

Jeniya's parents spend long hours by her side, but when they can't hold her hand and talk to her, they can watch her sleep on their laptop or smartphone, thanks to  the Baby Cam Angel Eyes system.

"You can watch her anywhere you go, so that is good comfort," said Janiya's father, Samuel Colon.

"She is there in your house with you, but I still have a sense of security and stuff like that that she is there," said her mother, Jacelia Colon.

The system was developed by University of Arkansas Medical Sciences.

LVHN has nine baby cams in the NICU and 25 more on the way.

So far, 28 patient families have used the technology, including one family that used it for more than 800 hours.

"We don't miss that many moments, you know. We can see them at home. We don't have to be at the hospital 24-7," said Samuel Colon.

The system also allows Jeniya's grandparents to check in on her progress from across the country.

Her family is eagerly waiting until March when the pretty picture becomes a memory and Jeniya is in her family's arms at home.