"The 2-percent, making the most amount of money can afford to pay a few extra dollars," saod LV Labor Council President Gregg Potter.

Potter and local labor union members rallied for support behind the president's position on the fiscal cliff.

They held a candlelight protest vigil outside Republican Congressman Charlie Dent's office on Hamilton Boulevard in South Whitehall Township.

They're against the GOP's fiscal cliff plan which includes raising the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67.

"There are ways to cut the budget without cutting Medicare and programs that are helping the poorest of the poor," said Potter. "Also, taking deductions on charitable contributions taking that away.. and mortgages is not the answer."

Congressman Dent tells 69 News he supports tax cuts for all taxpayers.

He also says we have to deal with fiscal and entitlement reform but going off the fiscal cliff would be reckless.