The Catasauqua School Board approved the proposed 2013-2014 Budget for the Lehigh Career and Technical Institute at its meeting on Monday night.

The proposed General Fund Budget is $23,598,900, which is a 2.1% increase over this school year’s budget. The Catasauqua School District is responsible for $785,259.38 of that overall budget, which is a 1.06% decrease from this school year. The Academic Center Budget for LCTI for next year is $1,361,509 and the Catasauqua School District will be responsible for $46,151 of that budget.

According to Catasauqua School District Superintendent Robert Spengler, LCTI has 400 students enrolled at the school, 82 of whom are Catasauqua students.

“We as a School District froze our teacher salaries… have they done this at LCTI to help with budget costs?” questioned School Board President Penny Hahn prior to final approval of the proposed budget.

According to Catasauqua High School Principal Dave Ascani, LCTI has had some teachers retire and the school did not refill the position as well as cut some administrative positions back from year-round positions to 10-month positions to help offset costs. School Board Member Dawn Barrigan also mentioned that the school has cut some programs to help bring down costs, but by cutting these programs, enrollment has also been decreasing.

The proposed Budget was approved by the Board by a unanimous vote.