Catherine Hawley finds 2" of snow in Wind Gap at 10pm

Posted: 7:00 PM EST Feb 08, 2013   Updated: 11:11 PM EST Feb 08, 2013

The Northern parts of our viewing area could be hit the hardest from this storm. In Nazareth, Northampton County it didn't take long before the cars and roads were coated. Everything covered in a blanket of white.

"Oh I'm guessing the way it's snowing right now we're probably gonna get about a foot I bet," smiled Bangor resident Sandy Kerrigan.

Folks heading home from work had to deal with what looked like a blizzard through their windshields. Signs on the roadways reminded motorists to be careful.

"It's getting pretty slick out there so I hope everybody is safe," said Scott Werner from Wind Gap.

At the Gap Diner in Wind Gap the snowy weather took a toll on business, keeping the Friday night crowd at home.

"It's a small town everybody gets scared," explained worker Amy Meyers. "A little bit of snow, an inch of snow they won't come out."

Some people like the winter weather.

"I love it, it's awesome," shared John Assise from Palmer.

"Actually pretty good," added 13-year-old Brett Liberto. "We got out of school early."

While others hate it. But either way some parts of our area could see a decent accumulation of the white stuff. At 10PM Wind Gap already had just over two inches sticking to the ground.

"We can't stop it," said Werner. "Once it's down it's down, we have to deal with it."