Close call at Boston Marathon for Moravian soccer coach

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Apr 15, 2013   Updated: 5:34 AM EDT Apr 16, 2013

A local soccer coach running in the marathon came dangerously close to one of the explosions.

Brienne Smith, the head woman's soccer coach at Moravian College, says she crossed the finish line less than 30 seconds before the first explosion.

In a phone interview with 69 News Smith says she originally thought a manhole cover had released pressure when she saw white smoke.

But when a second explosion quickly followed Smith realized something much worse was happening.

Smith was running with her wife and the two quickly fled the area after making sure nearby family members were okay.

"You just can't understand how someone could leave such an evil mark on such a great inspirational day where people are looking out for each other and really trying to support one another," said Smith.

Monday was the seventh time Smith ran in the Boston Marathon.