In a meeting Monday night, the recently formed Allentown Community Benefits Coalition (ACBC), met with community leaders and residents to discuss what they would like to see come out of the hockey arena project and the NIZ.

Made up of area churches and community organizations, the mission of ACBC is to oversee how the community can benefit from the Neighborhood Improvement Zone or any other development projects Allentown may have in its future.

Pastor and member of the coalition, Ben Walter says it's important to engage the broader community.

“We're expecting this is going to be a long term ongoing effort, even if there's some agreement made, we're looking to be in it for the long-term,” said Walter.

The steering committee plans to hold several meetings in order to get even more input from the community and they hope to present their findings to city officials and the developers.

ACBC plans to hold its next meeting in October.