Officials in Washington say President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner spoke on the phone this evening about the fiscal cliff.

The two spoke after both sides exchanged new proposals on how to avoid the fiscal cliff.

On Sunday, the White House offered a new proposal lowering its proposed figure for tax revenue from $1.6 trillion to $1.4 trillion.

Tuesday, Boehner offered a Republican counter proposal.

It's unclear whether Tuesday night's conversation resulted in any real progress.

In Bucks County Tuesday local lawmakers discussed the fiscal cliff with business owners.

Republican Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick and State Representative Paul Clymer talked to folks in Perkasie.

Business owners say the fiscal cliff isn't just an issue for the rich, it affects everyone.

Fitzpatrick says we need to keep tax rates low and get the country's fiscal house back in order.

"Bring the parties together from different sides of the aisle and try to reach a good solution which will be good for the American people; not a Democrat solution or a Republican idea, but a good American solution to this important problem.," he said.

Senator Bob Casey says one of the best ways to reach a bi-partisan agreement is to pass the proposed tax cuts to middle income families which he says would benefit everyone.

"You'd give certainty to everyone and you'd give total certainty to people, families making 250 or below.. because that's 98 percent of the country. And that's of course, one of the ways we keep the economy moving in the right direction," said Sen. Bob Casey.

Officials in Washington must reach an agreement by the end of the year to avoid falling off the fiscal cliff.