DeSales' Father Dailey reacts to news of new Pope

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Mar 12, 2013   Updated: 7:24 PM EDT Mar 13, 2013

As the world waited for the announcement of the new pope, 69 News was at DeSales University learning right alongside Father Thomas Dailey.  Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was not the name he expected.

"I think I can understand the choice the more I think about it," said Father Dailey.  "But I think that's not a name that was being banded about."

Pope Francis was Archbishop of Argentina and the first to come from South America, an area that boasts the largest population of Catholics in the world.

"I think it means clearly that the cardinals understand properly that the church is a worldwide entity," explained Dailey.  "That it's not a political or cultural grouping or faction."

Based off first impressions, he says it's clear the new pope has a way with words and can preach the message of faith that's so important.

"I think that message of Evangelization is first and foremost," added Dailey.

Pope Francis is 76 years old, just two years younger than his predecessor.  And his selection was quite quick.

"I was hit with more emotion this time," shared DeSales Junior Beth Blaisse.

Students at DeSales say they're interested to learn more about the new pope.  They also have their own ideas of how the church can move forward.

"I think I would like to see more involvement with the youth," said Senior Nicole Savitsky.  "Getting more of our age involved with church."

"It's pretty cool to me him taking that name and him being the first Francis, so he was hold and took like a different name," smiled Blaisse.  "That was cool to me."

Pope Francis is breaking historic grounds by being the first to go by that name.  Some experts say you can tell allot about a new pope based off the name he chooses.