Get ready to step back in time. Dinosaurs are taking over Dorney Park!

The rumble and roar of construction equipment is nothing compared to what's lurking in the Jurassic-themed exhibit. 

Dinosaurs Alive! is Dorney Park's latest attraction. Workers are well ahead of schedule in installing the life-sized prehistoric reptiles.

As guests walk along more than 2,000 feet of paths, they'll get to see 37 different dinos!

"Ranging in size from some juvenile dinosaurs, who are about my size, all the way up to 40 feet tall," explained Jason McClure, Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom's general manager and vice president. 

All of the animatronics are built to scale, and some of the dinos on the path are also interactive. Guests will get to control how they move their face, head, neck, body and tail!

The prehistoric giants roar, stomp and terrify, displaying what life was like when they walked the earth.

"The dinosaurs are grouped in scenes, so it's got an educational component," said McClure.  "The scenes explain how the dinosaurs interacted with each other and how they turned into fossils."

Walking among the dinosaurs can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  Near the end of the attraction, kids can even get hands on trying out their own fossil dig.  Park officials said it's a very family oriented exhibit.

"When you get back into the wooded area you kind of even forget your at an amusement park anymore, it's a truly separate experience."

Dinosaurs Alive! will debut on April 28, which is opening day for the amusement park.  Tickets will cost you $5 on top of regular park admission.