Some shoppers braved the weather Wednesday night eager to squeeze in a few more bargains, as retailers hope to get a boost with after-Christmas sales.

Head to your local mall and you can't miss the signs. Stores hoping to get a last bite at the holiday season are offering bargains, half off deals, and fresh promotions.

"After Christmas is a great time to go shopping," said Jean Richardson.

"I think the sales are better after the holidays," shared Ksenija Zamolyi. "As long as you know your prices."

"We're just trying to get some Christmas bargains," explained Angie Borger.

Armed with gift cards, outfits that don't fit and some unexpected Christmas cash, folks are heading back to the malls for another bout of holiday splurging.

"I have some extra money so I'll get myself some extra things that I needed but I didn't have money for," said Becky Hawk.

"I always look for the clearance racks," added Zamolyi. "And I actually got some good deals today."

But despite deep discounts, the South Mall was relatively empty Wednesday night. The weather kept people home and away from the deals. Not good news for retailers. National retail statistics suggest it was a less then terrific holiday shopping season, but there's still a chance stores can make up lost sales. Experts say the final week of December accounts for 15% of the month's sales.

Shoppers we spoke with say they prefer heading back to the stores after the holidays.

"No lines, no crowds," smiled Hawk. "Everybody's in a better mood and everybody's more relaxed."

"If I know it's something I know I'm gonna use, and it's something you can save until next year I'm buying it now on sale and saving it until next year," said Borger.