Stolz interrupted, saying: "Oh you cast aspersions on me all the time, Mr. Ballard."

Said Ballard: "Mr. Stolz, you will please refrain. If you want to make a motion, go ahead. I will declare it improper because the public hasn't had a chance to review it.

And then it will be on the agenda."

Stolz made the motion and Ballard ruled it was improper, but added it would be on the agenda for the Oct. 8 meeting under unfinished business.

At that Sept. 24 meeting, Ballard said "contrary to some allegations" about "a mythical lack of transparency" East Penn is as transparent as it can be and far more transparent than most school boards. "We try to handle all our stuff in public and we go to great lengths to insist that certain things occur in public," said the board president.