Easton City Council discusses increasing city revenues

Posted: 12:09 AM EDT Oct 24, 2012

Easton City Council reviewed a variety of proposed changes to the City for the upcoming year, including adjustments to the parking meters throughout the city as well as the various parking garages.

Council approached the idea of raising the prices of meter parking from 50 cents to 75 cents across the city, which would bring in approximately $150,000 of revenue for next year. They also discussed lengthening the amount of time that meters are active. Currently, the meters become inactive at 6 PM but Council is debating whether to move that time to 8 PM to bring in more than $60,000 of increased revenue to the city.

The proposed new plan for the three major parking garages throughout Easton was also brought up to the Council. As of now, the charge for parking in the parking garages after 5 PM is one dollar per hour.  Mayor Salvatore J. Panto suggested that the price be reduced to 50 cents per hour after 5 PM. This proposed plan will still bring in revenue to the city, according to Panto, but it is more competitively priced compared to the State Theater parking area.

“For those that will complain about the meters going to eight at night, just park in a garage because it’s only 50 cents an hour,” stated Panto.

While continuing to focus on increasing revenue for the city, Council began a brief discussion on including a small fee on sewer and trash rates. It was proposed to add a two dollar billing fee to the sewer and trash rates, one dollar for trash and one dollar for sewer. This billing fee will help pay for the monthly mailing cost for the city.

City Council has a regular council meeting tomorrow night and will have another meeting next Tuesday, October 30th to continue hearing about budget proposals and expenditure concerns.