Easton City Council approved three ordinances to increase budgetary items for this year's budget during Wednesday night's regular city council meeting.

Council amended the 2012 General Fund Budget, approving an increase of total revenues and expenditures by $28,500.

The 2012 Wastewater Fund Budget was amended, increasing revenues and expenditures by $255,000. The expenditures increased the budget by $180,000 under chemicals, and $75,000 for repairs.

Council also approved an amendment to the 2012 Unemployment Fund Budget, increasing both revenues and expenditures by $7,500.

Easton City Council also approved around 70 increases to fees. Some of the increases include the annual renewal fee per stall for single horse stable from $25 to $100, increasing uniform construction code fees, increasing residential construction fees from $40 to $80, increasing the application fee to Zoning Hearing Board for a variance from $50 to $200 and adding a fee for the Farmers' Market for health codes: $50 for an indoor temporary food facility and $100 for outdoor facility.

A loan agreement between the City of Easton and the Hugh Moore Historical Park and Museum was also approved in an amount not to exceed $550,000. The loan agreement takes effect one month from today.

All changes passed unanimously by council with no discussion.