Cornerstone Evangelical Free-Church members are gathering Thursday to make snowflakes for the school reopening in Sandy Hook, Conn.

Sandy Hook parent-volunteers are planning to welcome the children back into a new building by creating a winter wonderland with the entire school decorated with as many unique snowflakes as possible.

“In the face of incomprehensible suffering and loss, we feel this is one way we can love our neighbors in another part of the country,” said Josh Wildasin, the church’s administrative director. “As Christians we believe we’re called to serve as Jesus Christ’s hands and feet. This is one way we can do that. We’re hoping that by demonstrating our love in a practical way, survivors of this tragedy will know that we care, but more importantly that God cares and He is mobilizing His church to respond— to love, pray for, and stand with them.”

The snowflake-making event is being held at Cornerstone’s downtown campus at 34 S. 2nd Street, Easton, at 1 p.m.