Double parking because of laziness has become a real problem in Easton, some people said Wednesday.

"Often regularly. It's just a habit around here now," said the owner of a business on Northampton Street.

Drivers pass an open space and double park instead. Call it double parking for couch potatoes.

"I think it's people who just don't want to feed the meters," said Fran Pinter, who also owns a business on Northampton Street.

Lazy double parkers, as Pinter called them, often park in front of his driveway, blocking his off-street parking lot.

"Fact we are bringing this issue up means there is an issue and it needs to be solved," said Councilman Jeff Warren, D-Easton, who called it a public safety concern.

Warren is planning to propose an ordinance upping the ticket price for those too lazy to find a space.

"As Easton continues to develop we're seeing more foot traffic, more vehicles coming to town, and double parkers need to know there's going to be consequences for their actions," Warren said.

The lazy parking procedure isn't unique to Easton. Allentown said it has similar problems. The city recently passed an ordinance to tack on an extra $100 to its double parking fine for lazy parkers.

"Yeah, I'm waiting for that guy to pull out," said one driver when he was told that he was double parked.

It's still too early to tell if that excuse will allow people to pass up a ticket.

In the past six months, Easton has doled out only seven double parking fines, compared to more than 380 for Allentown.

Easton Mayor Sal Panto said double parking is a problem all over the city, not just downtown.

The issue will be officially discussed at Easton City Council's next public safety committee meeting on October 9.