Easton remains in State of Emergency through midnight Tuesday

Posted: 8:23 PM EDT Oct 30, 2012

Easton is in a state of emergency through midnight Tuesday. High winds spinning off Sandy took a swipe at the city.

Tuesday morning insulation sucked from a nearby building piled up on Larry Holmes Drive.

"That was a wild storm last night, it was very bad," said Mayor Sal Panto. "We had everything from downed trees, roofs flying off buildings, soffits and siding."

You can see the damage all across the city. Parts of buildings and homes were torn off and tossed in the streets.

"Watched the pieces fall off the building over there, tearing off and it got worse and worse," described Joseph Augustinsky.

During the day crews worked to fix the damage. A water-main break on Northampton Street wasn't caused by Sandy, but she definitely prolonged the pipe's repair.

The Mayor enacted a 9PM curfew Monday night to make sure residents stayed safe.

"Last night we pulled our public works employees off around 10PM," he said. "It was that dangerous, things were flying in the air, trees were falling, it was dangerous."

Two nursing homes were forced to partially evacuate after large sections of the roofing was sucked off. Workers say the entire third floor was relocated from the Praxis Alzheimer's Facility, and some residents at the Easton Rehabilitation Center were evacuated.

The storm was also responsible for a fire at two West Ward row homes Monday night. Fire officials say ten people were displaced. Nearby actually power lines started the blaze. The high winds fanned the flames as crews battled it for a few hours.

"Which was really dangerous for our firefighters, 50 mile per hour winds, they were up on a slate roof trying to put a fire out," said Panto.

The high winds pushed trees and power lines to the ground. Trees crashed into houses, sheds and cars. Folks on South Fifth Street were much more lucky, a tree blocked the road and only damaged the sidewalk.

"I figured if we were going to get that big storm, of any tree on the street this is going to be the tree that goes over," added Randy Stroever.

But the lasting issue will be power outages. Dozens of power lines are down and utility poles were snapped like twigs. The majority of the

"It won't be how many hours, it will be how many days you'll be out of power," explained Panto.