A little girl we've profiled passed away this week after battling a rare childhood cancer.  Four-year-old Ella Grace Luchansky was laid to rest Saturday, and the heartache of her death was felt as far away as California.  During her short life Ella inspired a singer to write songs about her, and now that she's gone he's come East to lend his voice again.

"A lot of you guys knew Ella, and you knew she was nothing less than inspiring and encouraging."

Montgomery County singer Dustin Tavella flew in from LA to celebrate the life of Ella Grace Luchansky.  For half of her short life Ella battled neuroblastoma.

"I know for me Ella taught me a lot about what it meant to live," shared Dustin.  "And I think Ella lived more in her four years then a lot of us will in 100."

Bright colors and wings honored everything the brave young girl loved.  As Dustin poured out his emotions in a song her wrote for Ella, so did the tears.  Dustin and Ella had a special relationship.  Her life is what inspired him to put the words on paper.

"Ella had every right to just shut down and be depressed and just think of herself, but yet she chose to live a life that was brighter than her circumstances," he added.

Dustin's tribute will hopefully touch the lives of those who knew Ella and even those who didn't.

"The joy that she brought to people will far outlive the sorrow of her death," said Dustin.  "Ella was an incredibly strong loving and selfless child."